Nicola Tesla–the Twentieth Century’s leading genius–learned the “miraculous secret” about science. It is often useless without faith and prayer. Tesla taught his students about “prayer power.” He confessed that his inventions often failed to work when he forgot to pray before testing them!

Nearly a century later, Dr. Joseph Puleo–a naturopathic doctor in Hope, Idaho, who studied and adored Tesla’s works, re-discovered the 528Hz frequency of sound. “Joey” told me that it was the “miracle” note in the original Solfeggio musical scale. The tone played a key role the most spiritually-uplifting Hymn used in the earliest days of the Roman Catholic Church– the Hymn to St. John the (Water) Baptist. Then this music was secreted. Dr. Puleo recovered this information by miracle, and shared it with me. In fact, he prayed for me to share it with you.

HOLYWATER_OXYSILVER_medFrom my research,  having been blessed and humbled by working with several of the world’s leading physicists, mathematicians, water scientists, medical scholars, and spirit-filled contributors, including Dr. Lee Lorenzen and Dr. Masaru Emoto, I learned that therapeutic water is not only energetically alive, contrary to what high school physics students are taught. I learned that “blessed water” is filled with the Holy Spirit that modern science has made measurable to a degree.

And as “far out” from the mainstream mind as this may seem, Dr. Emoto evidenced that water is actually “conscious.” Water responds to prayer. This “far out” subject is much like dowsers who pray to find water buried underground using sticks or dowsing rods. Somehow, miraculously, the water transmits energized messages to be promptly found.

Water, in fact, is a “superconductor” of energy, besides being “conscious,” or able to respond to prayers, and able to message its whereabouts.

Next, add Tesla’s “free energy” theories and demonstrations to the above intelligence, recognizing that Tesla’s free energy experiments were done in “hydrated atmospheres.” This is what I did, from which I advanced some wonderful breakthroughs.

I created OxySilver based largely on the aforementioned knowledge.  That is why OxySilver works best when used with prayer. That is why using OxySilver “as directed,” unlike any other healthcare product in the world, encourages you to use prayer to heal yourself and stay healthy, despite sickness all around you.

Many people can’t grasp this fairly straigtforward intelligence. Their beliefs and attitudes preclude their awakening to these simple truths that holds to potential to set humanity free from far more than infectious diseases!

I’m sure that you can appreciate how I must feel, outputting this intelligence, and a line of 528-resonating products, only to have critics emerge from every nook and cranny; every scholarly place and slime-infested blog. I wrote to awaken these ignorant people in my rebuttal published HERE.

No, it’s not for money that I developed or sell OxySilver, as my many jealous and ignorant critics contend.

And no, I don’t prescribe prayer to get OxySilver to work. It will still work for you if you are an atheist, and don’t use prayer. But I want you and the world to be free from infectious diseases, and I know OxySilver works best, probably far better than any colloidal silver people use to avoid Big Pharma’s deadly antibiotics and risky vaccines. Simply check out my credentials, my 18 books, 5 documentary films, and nearly 3 dozen scientific publications, and you will see I am a classic devoted humanitarian who is faithful enough to believe we can co-create a better world.

OxySilver, like a good Holy Water, was developed for this purpose. I pioneered it to doubly transmits the bio-electrical power of LOVE/528 to heal most naturally and instantly as it radiates 528 frequency throughout your body. Thus, OxySilver has both a “homeopathic” therapeutic impact, as well as an electrical impact on germs.

OxySilver also affects your bio-energetic systems to boosts your natural immunity most safely and powerfully. This “miraculous” administration of healing power using prayer-augmented 528Hz frequency of LOVE, and 528nm of sunshine, complements “prayer power,” to the point that you should expect “miraculous” results.

Horowiz on Global WarmingThis is why I recommend taking OxySilver with prayer and heart-felt loving intention to heal and stay healthy. OxySilver, that is made with positive prayer, and complements your prayer, “phase-locks” the miraculous healing power of LOVE and prayer from your heart, and the good vibrations and positive intentions and attitudes prompting natural healing throughout your body, mind and spirit.

Pure tone 528Hz sound reduces stress, a major cause of illness; and 528nm of greenish-yellow light resonates powerfully in OxySilver as well, by design.

The benefits are due to the unprecedented manufacturing process using technology first developed by NASA. The combination of 528 sound, light, and double-super-conductive-water and silver, super-conducts the power of LOVE–the “Universal Healer”–to every cell in your body, instantly.

Many OxySilver users, including me, actually “see” light within them after they close their eyes and sip a (plastic) capfull. (Never take OxySilver with table wear. A silver spoon or container will “blow out” the structure of the solution.) The light that many of us “see” as we consume OxySilver radiates throughout our bodies the instant we use OxySilver as directed, that is, with prayer.

In summary, OxySilver acts like a “Holy Water.”  It offers the world, especially nations that are now concerned about emerging diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Flus, dengue fever, or Zika, and especially faithful and intelligent people who recognize the mischief in ongoing in the pharmaceutical industry called “modern medicine” and “vaccine science,” the greatest protection that can be gained most safely, effectively, and inexpensively.