Interview w/ Dr. Horowitz

Hello, my name is John Kreitzer.  I am a health researcher and entrepreneur in the field of silver hydrosols.  

I’m very excited today because we have in the studio one of America’s leading natural healing experts, Dr. Leonard Horowitz. He is an outspoken critic of BigPharma and their medical monopoly. He has written and lectured globally on the dangers of vaccinations. He’s published more than two-dozen books explaining ways people of all ages can heal naturally, safely, effectively, and inexpensively as prompted by natural immunity. He says people can combat nearly every disease from colds to cancers with simple lifestyle changes and by learning about hydrogen and oxygen in water and DNA’s “528 bio-energetics.” These are the main ingredients in OxySilver with 528–an amazing product he is here to tell us about.

Besides testifying before the United States Congress on the toxicity of vaccinations, concerned about the brain damage, autism, and hyperactivity disorders affecting more and more children from injurious injections of mercury in vaccines, Dr. Horowitz is an internationally esteemed scientist, speaker, and author of Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine & Modern Science detailing powerful ways to use water, and its elements, hydrogen and oxygen, for better health. A few of his peer-reviewed science articles are linked HERE and HERE and HERE. His list of science articles is available from ResearchGate.

It turns out that NASA scientists helped develop this field to benefit astronauts. Dr. Horowitz is here to share how this new technology can help you too. This unprecedented discovery—“evolutionary” new products called silver oxygen hydrosols advanced by Dr. Horowitz called “528 Electroceuticals”—may eliminate the need for vaccinations and antibiotics altogether. 

OXYSILVER™ is leading the field of silver oxygen hydrosols. These nutritional solutions promote natural immunity against everything from colds to cancers, and work energetically to destroy BigPharma’s biggest money makers. 

Dr. Horowitz is credited for saving millions of lives worldwide by writing and speaking out about the risks of “medical madness,” as he calls it, debilitating drug side effects, and ways to get yourself off dangerous drugs naturally and safely, saving money and maybe your life.

Recently, you may have watched Larry King LIVE on CNN explain that the government now admits that vaccines may be causing autism and other mental health problems in children. Dr. Horowitz followed that broadcast on national radio speaking to 7 million listeners on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory explaining why the government is suppressing the worst of their mercury findings. Dr. Horowitz’s works are extremely controversial. Some United Nations AIDS officials have tried to censor Dr. Horowitz’s scientific publications and determinations. Beyond his degree in dental medicine, he is a naturopathic doctor, a doctor of missionary medicine, and a Harvard graduated researcher in public health who says you can reverse autoimmune diseases and effectively treat diabetes and obesity simply relying on water science, lifestyle change, and electro-chemistry. 

The drug industry would like nothing better than to see him censored or killed, and he has had several threats and attempts on his life. We have a very controversial show to bring you, so let’s get started. 

Dr. Horowitz, welcome,

HOROWITZ: Good to be here, John, it’s a privilege and honor to be here.

For people who are not familiar with your amazing and controversial work, you have three doctorates, one in dental medicine, one in naturopathic medicine, and one in missionary medicine. And besides getting a Harvard master’s degree in public health you have published dozens of scientific peer reviewed publications, sixteen books including three national bestsellers, and three documentary films, including In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & BioterrorismPHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller, and your multi-award-winning film UNVAXXED–A Docu-commentary for Robert DeNiro, is that right?

HOROWITZ: That’s right. I’ve been pretty busy.

And you have a wonderful family, I understand, with three healthy and talented children who have never been vaccinated against anything, and haven’t even taken an aspirin, ever, for any ailment, right?

HOROWITZ: That’s right. We use a variety of natural healing methods that work far better than any drug or chemical elixir. People just don’t know how simple and inexpensive healthcare can be because drug industrialists that control medicine and medical education, with revolving doors to government health agencies like the CDC and FDA, have a vested interest in keeping people profitably ignorant, sick, and enslaved to drugs. In essence, we have an American Medical CULTure, that has educated us into ignorance about who we are, how we heal, and what disease really is so that people keep popping magic pills to cure every ill and remain enslaved to pharmaceutical profiteers. 

Now wait a minute. Aren’t doctors caring people? Aren’t they intelligent enough to know there are safer, effective, more natural and less expensive ways to cure diseases? You don’t recommend going to medical doctors do you?

HOROWITZ: I recommend doing the right thing. I do not recommend people go to hospitals or doctors most of the time, with surgeons and accidental emergencies being the exception. Healing occurs naturally, and you don’t need toxic drugs to induce it. That’s mostly what doctors do—prescribe drugs for every ailment; drugs that cause more ailments from toxic side effects. That makes more money for doctors and drug dealers, and causes more human misery than anything. 

But if you’ve got broken bones from a traumatic injury, it’s wise to get a great surgeon to put you together. That’s a completely different matter than claiming lives in a system of disease induction we mistakenly call healthcare.

Aren’t there any good drugs?

HOROWITZ: Sure, if you’re a drug dealer or want to be a drug addict. Then there are great drugs. But the entire approach to healthcare is flawed by one central fact. Healing is a probiotic process, a probiotic dynamic. Modern medicine is almost always anti-biology. Anti-biotic addiction is a CULTural mind-set and social affliction. 

Think about it. Our current generation is called the “Rx generation,” heralding its dependence on popping magic pills to cure every ill in a manner that is anti-life. Instead of probiotics, medical doctors prescribe anti-biotics and chemotoxic drugs to kill everything from cancers to colds. Instead of good nutrition, hospitals serve chemical poisons, even in their foods. The FDA approves of these poisons. A classic example is NutraSweet, The Centers for Disease Creation, the CDC, is funded to declare war on virtually every ailment. But they turn a blind eye to public poisoning with cancer-causing artificial sweeteners and obesity-makers. They have their “War on AIDS,” their “War on Cancer,” their “War on Diabetes,” their “War on Drugs.” Excuse me, is there something wrong with this picture? The “War on Drugs” is a fraud, thanks to government idiots and drug industrialists. We are now living in the “Rx Generation!” 

KREITZER: And you say the media has a lot to do with this, don’t you?

HOROWITZ: You bet. Television is a hypnosis machine. Watch people watch TV. They don’t blink. “Relaxation and a clear channel for communication” is the strict technical definition of hypnosis

Why do you think drug commercials, on prime time television, very expensive time, spend 10 of 60 seconds disclosing the dangers of drug side effects? Not because the Surgeon General demands it, or legislation requires it. It’s because more people are hypnotized into thinking a “normal life” involves popping magic pills that don’t cure the underlying causes of disease, but cause new and even worse diseases that require more magic pills to be popped. The drug dealers like it this way. It is literally the great American Medical CULTure being engineered in your own home on TV backed by consumer demand! And that word says it all—CON-SUM-ER—the sum total of this “ER” (Emergency Room mentality) is a con!

Besides that, drugs are unloving, uncaring, and insensitive to real whole people. Doctors generally follow suit. They become this way from the pressures of “training” and “practice.” Sure they think they’re doing the right thing. They think they are serving their patient’s best interests. But what they are really doing is acting as virtual Manchurian Candidates for drug industrialists that promise you relief and give you grief.

KREITZER: Now Dr. Horowitz, you say you have a better way. Tell us a little about your 5-steps to natural healing and how each step is administered by using a new product you are recommending called OXYSILVER™.

HOROWITZ: Sure John. The five steps I recommend in my second national bestselling book, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine & Modern Science, include 1) detoxification using primarily water spiked with fresh squeezed lemons or limes, a bit of cane juice (ideally fresh squeezed) or grade b maple syrup, and cayenne pepper; step 2) (is) de-acidification again using water and the power of hydrogen’s electro-chemistry, to adjust the body’s chemistry making it more alkaline. In the alkaline state you get rid of nearly all chronic diseases. Plus cayenne pepper is one of the most alkalinizing agents you can put into your body. It also acts like Roto-rooter for the cardiovascular system; step 3) is boosting or normalizing natural immunity holistically; including energetically. This is where personal responsibility comes in―caring for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally and above all spiritually; Step number 4) (is) oxygenation. Oxygen, in water and air, is the most miraculous healing element in the periodic table of elements. Combined with hydrogen in water, it gives us the chemistry of Divinity. That’s right; you heard me clearly—the chemistry of Divinity.

If you study the Bible, and I am not a religious person, but I study the Bible, the Book of Genesis records in the beginning there was the Creator, and the Water, even before there was the word. Or even before any sound was spoken or sung, there was the Water—the miraculous Creative Juice. The word, sound, or frequencies of energy placed by the Creator into the Creative Juice—Water–created everything in the universe including people. Properly hydrated, you are more than 80% Water. That means you are 80% Creative Juice that transmits a spiritual energy that can be relied upon to heal you and sustain you.

Just think about this oxygen element, number 8, the infinity sign, for a minute. Oxygenation therapies have been heralded, even by mainstream media, as producing miraculous benefits. Even Peter Jennings on the ABC News showed paraplegics going into hyperbaric oxygenation chambers, and coming out with their nerves and muscle functions amazingly restored. Medical ozone, three oxygen atoms combined, kills germs on contact. This, along with ultraviolet light, which is simply a frequency of colored energy, is used in the best most-expensive water purification systems because it kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. How God got Adam off the ground, says the Bible, is he breathed the breath of life into him. Respiration—re-spiritualization; inspiration – bringing that Holy Spirit power of life into you—is what experts worldwide recommend for everything from meditation to remediation of diseases. 

I had an elderly colleague and friend who recently passed away. His name was Basil Wainwright. Basil dedicated his professional career to researching oxygen’s health benefits. He, like me, was persecuted by medicine’s mainstream; black-listed from giving professional organizations lectures; prosecuted by the U.S. Federal Government’s FDA–Fraudulent Drug Advocates–and compelled to leave the United States to continue his research. He was invited to Kenya by the past president of that country to establish an experimental AIDS clinic that I visited. I interviewed a dozen fully recovered AIDS patients there who had simply received polyatomic oxygen fed intravenously. That proved to me the incredible healing power of simple oxygen, suppressed by our government and the drug industrialists our politicians serve as prostitutes. 

Now oxygen works miraculously because of the healing dynamics of step 5) Bioenergetics. Biology’s fundamental energy comes from hydrogen that donates electrons. This is the fuel for moving your physical body. Chiropractors know this. Acupuncturists know this. Educated spiritualists know this. And physicians who use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines see this truth operating daily with every patient. The animating principle of life is vibrational energy or resonance. You are a part of life. So you can best treat yourself vibrationally, bioelectrically, or bioenergetically, that is, biospiritually. These are all the same, and you get the same beneficial results—miraculous healings. 

This is how prayer works. And sound, color, and light therapies work. It is why certain music made with 528Hz tuning is so powerful, especially when applied clinically for healing; and why frequency therapists and pioneers like Royal Raymond Rife had their technological advancements suppressed. Even to this day, Big Pharma, the drug-lords, and their puppet politicians are suppressing the knowledge that life is energy and energy creates life. Basic energetic processes involving hydrogen, oxygen and water, produce every healing.

KREITZER: Now you helped develop a product called OXYSILVER™ that helps all five of these steps for getting and staying healthier. Tell us about it.

HOROWITZ: Okay. OXYSILVER™ is a trace mineral water that is unlike any other silver product ever produced, any broad-spectrum health aid in existence, or any energetic solution ever developed. Very simply, OXYSILVER™ is a suspension of electrically charged silver atoms prepared by lasers in a special reactor* that is ionically energized and combined with oxygen in a most unique way. That is, the two elements, silver and oxygen, are covalently bonded―the silver atoms are tightly linked to the hyper-energized oxygen atoms. 

What’s entirely unique about these new oxygen-silver hydrosols is that theoretically they can help (FDA Censored Words) and xxxxx any xxxxx affected by oxygen, which includes the vast majority of xxxxx from xxxxxx to xxxxxx. 

OXYSILVER™ is leading this group of new silver hydrosols. It is an energy-delivering, oxygenating, alkalizing, 528Hz frequency resonating formula that was first developed and tested by NASA scientists for space missions without some of the latest advances in the formula. They used it successfully for sustaining life in space under hypoxic conditions wherein vital oxygen levels are critical and water purity is essential.

Moreover, OXYSILVER™ can be used outside the body, in your environment, your house and workplace, completely safely and highly effectively. All silver-oxygen hydrosols are excellent surface disinfectants. Studies show their use this way produces far safer, less toxic, disinfection than leading commercial or household disinfectants. . . , which are of course harsh and severely damaging to human health and expensive equipment. 

So people can benefit tremendously by using OXYSILVER™ internally and environmentally around their homes and workplaces in places like nurseries, bathrooms, kitchens, surgical suites, and hospitals. The liquid can be sprayed virtually anywhere without causing any harm to even a baby or a pregnant mother. 

In short, OXYSILVER™ is a dietary supplement that makes your body very inhospitable to BigPharma’s leading money-makers. All of this awesome activity is done bioelectrically, or bioenergetically, using only three natural elements: hydrogen, oxygen, and silver, the later two covalently-bonded in pure water so that we have, energetically and vibrationally, a double superconductor–the silver and the water–creating a super-charged liquid with beneficial, homeopathic-like, frequencies including the good vibration of LOVE.  

In fact, we now know that warm fuzzy feeling you get in your heart when you are in LOVE–that “good vibration”– is 528Hz frequency.  We have proven this mathematically and scientifically, that 528Hz resonates at the heart of everything, including your heart. And LOVE is correctly called the “Universal Healer.” 

Coupling the “Universal Healer”–LOVE–with the “Universal Solvent”–water–along with the “Universal Language”–music made in the 528Hz frequency tuning, is humanity’s greatest hope for terminating BigPharma’s stranglehold over biology and destruction of our ecosystem. The precise sound of 528Hz is a powerful healer and sustainer. So we started putting that into OXYSILVER™ to simply make people feel better, more loving, lovable, healthy, whole, and energized.

KREITZER: Dr. Horowitz, that’s incredible. Is there any legitimate published science to back up these claims?

HOROWITZ: Yes. In fact, there have been numerous scientific studies spanning two decades that tells us more about water resonance and the oxy-silver hydrosols. There are many beneficial claims we could make if we were allowed to state these facts on television or in print, which we are not allowed to do due to the genocidal suppression of science and scientific facts regulated by the FDA and FCC. These agencies act like the Gestapo for BigPharma backers who are literally the “banksters” behind every war and plague that has emerged over the past century.

But here’s something else that I can tell you. . . . The old-money “banksters” are considered “Blue Bloods.” Silver has been used by them for thousands of years as a preventative against plagues—the world’s most deadly infectious diseases.

KREITZER: Yes. I have heard this before.

HOROWITZ: Most well informed people have. . . . The royal families and wealthiest aristocrats were called “Blue Bloods” because they would always eat with real silverware! As they ate, the silver would leach off their utensils and into their mouths, foods, and water. In essence, they were consuming trace amounts of silver as a nutritional supplement that turned their blood more “blue” and provided broad-spectrum anti-microbial protection against infectious diseases. That’s a main reason why, besides better nutrition and less stress, the “Blue Bloods” stayed healthier than commoners they treat like cattle.

KREITZER: Now, I’ve heard a lot of people have been taking colloidal silver solutions, which are widely sold over the Internet and in natural foods stores, which may cause people’s skin to turn blue when used daily. Is this the same?

HOROWITZ: No. Not at all because of the unique process in which the silver, in OXYSILVER, is reduced in size and held in solution covalently attached to oxygen. All of this is accomplished by this new reactor* technology originally developed for space missions, where, in space stations and shuttles, the astronauts needed more oxygen and pure water to stay healthy. Scientists realized oxygen, and energy-enhancing anti-microbial silver, could be combined to keep the astronauts healthier, more vibrant, better rested, and optimally hydrated.

The colloidal silvers that people are taking I have been lecturing on for many years. I have always warned people not to take these daily because of a well-known accumulation of silver that ends up in cells and tissues turning the skin blue or silver-looking. This is called argyra. It makes people who don’t heed this advice look like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz. 

So while colloidal silver solutions have helped many people, when judiciously used in moderation against infectious diseases, these products cannot compare with OXYSILVER™that uses micro-fine silver particles boned to oxygen.  OXYSILVER™’s particle size so small you can take it daily without worry of argyra or any toxicity in the low doses we are successfully using and recommending.

By the way, anything can be toxic if abused. Pure water will kill you if you drink too much too quickly.

Another important difference is that the silver in colloidal silvers falls out of solution because the particle size is so large and so heavy. This never happens with OXYSILVER™ because the silver particles are so much smaller, and more importantly, they are covalently, or electrochemically, bonded to the oxygen in the water molecules. This is amazing and unprecedented in science.

People can use this technological advancement for better health and natural healing. Silver is the safest, and aside from copper, the most electrically conducted element in the periodic table of elements. Combined with oxygen, the power is really awesome.

A great example of this is a product called Tetrasil. I’ve been working with Tetrasil for years. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers evidence the awesome healing benefits of this unique molecule of silver and oxygen. How this broad-spectrum topical antibiotic works so amazingly against skin infections of all kinds is by channeling energy, much like copper wires channels electricity. The molecular structure of the combination of oxygen and silver lends incredible strength, like the covalently-bonded combination of silver and oxygen in OXYSILVER™

KREITZER: And, Dr. Horowitz, there are now copy-cats in the marketplace that are selling colloidal silver products, claiming they are high quality silver hydrosols, and claiming they carry helpful frequencies, but they lie, right?
HOROWITZ: You be they do, John. And people need to beware. One of OXYSILVERS newest competitors has received a great amount of publicity through the Alex Jones show, and Genesis Communications Network. Alex was advertising and recommending OXYSILVER; then suddenly his staff refused to take our advertising money. We found out they struck a deal with a competitor that claimed to have a silver hydrosol resonating at the frequency of UltraViolet light. 

The problem is, UV light has been scientifically proven to cause DNA damage and skin cancer. Beyond this, the “germicidal” frequencies they advertise using–890-910THz– are far beyond the UV frequency range!

Plus, their supposed electron micrograph of a “Silver Sol particle” appears to be a downright fraud. They use this photo to promote the product claiming, “The dark center is a pure silver core. The outer shaded rings are a 890-910 Tera Hertz UV Antibacterial frequency and the outer dark spots you can see are the electrons circling around.” 

I had never seen electrons in electron microscope photos that looked like this. I never saw perfectly hexagonal ring displays like this. But the six electron ring, a shape that Dr. Masaru Emoto and I largely made famous by our combined research in water structuring and 528Hz frequency crystallography, so I researched further. I discovered this photo appears to be a doctored-fraud. 

Alternatively, the photo below is one of the latest most advanced electron microscopic photos of a carbon atom, much smaller than a silver atom. And yet, as you can see, there is no clear definition of electrons arranged in a hexagonal ring, even though this is Carbon-6 atom, wherein you might best see this hexagonal shape that forms the basic structure for organic chemistry.