528 Electroceuticals

OxySilver w/528 Frequency Memory
Do You Know?

Do you know that a special type of water called “structured water” can hold memory? OxySilver with 528 is made with this kind of water. And this water acts VERY differently from other types of water. It is capable of holding memory, such as the memory of 528 frequency, and broadcasting it along with healing messages.
Do you also know that silver and water are both superconductors of electron and electromagnetic energy. United in OxySilver with 528 by “covalent bonding,” both silver and water deliver 528 frequency most powerfully–like a “double supercondutor.”
That is how the powerful immune-boosting anti-oxidant activity of OxySilver with 528 instantly moves throughout your body. This is why most people instantly feel better as soon as they swallow or apply it.
Do you also know that your heart broadcasts energy? Especially during sincere faithful loving prayer. Your heart radiates your loving intention according to science. In fact, based on Dr. Horowitz’s revelations proven by a massive amount of science, your loving heart radiates particularly, probably exclusively, the 528 frequency during loving prayer!
In other words, your loving heart broadcast like a radio channel in 528Hz. This is why Dr. Horowitz encourages you to use OxySilver with 528 frequency with prayer. OxySilver with 528 is the first nutraceutical (i.e, “electroceutical”) developed to be used especially, most powerfully, with your own “prayer power.” 
This means, when you use OxySilver with 528 with prayer, you have three superconductors working to rapidly restore your heath and well-being: 1) Structured water; 2) Silver; and 3) Your own loving and healing heart!
Your own natural healing power of LOVE transmits the frequency of “LOVE/528” throughout your body, virtually instantaneously. And there’s much more to know and tell. . . .

What 528 Frequency Adds to OxySilver

You may have heard about 528–the “C” or “‘MIRACLE” note in the original Solfeggio musical scale. Thanks to Dr. Horowitz research and many publications, 528 frequency is now being used in music therapy and clinical practices worldwide. 
Recent independent peer-reviewed scientific studies evidenced the 528Hz frequency of sound alone: (a) increased antioxidant activity in cells by 100%. That is ASTONISHING! (b) protected sensitive nerve cells from damage by alcohol. That too is AMAZING! (c) increased testosterone activity and reduced stress. WONDERFUL! Music is the “Universal Language.” Love is the “Universal Healer,” and Water is the “Universal Solvent” that solves pollution. OxySilver with 528 puts them all together.
Unlike old fashion colloidal silvers, OxySilver with 528 provides all the above benefits, then does much more. OxySilver with 528 goes into your body and inside your cells, it kills germs, and is eliminated within 48 hours instead without the side effects of discoloring skin and tissues like old fashion colloidal silvers are known to do.
Today, the wealthiest most powerful drug industrialists, in fact, are now heavily investing in this bioenergy industry called “frequency therapeutics.” They appear to have converted much of Dr. Horowitz’s original pioneering works in so doing. 
The natural healing arts and sciences have advanced fantastically from these and many more revelations about 528, following studies by Dr. Horowitz and colleagues internationally. Having pioneered this field of health science and clinical care, featuring the 528 frequency of energy, Dr. Horowitz shares a few simple facts below that will awaken your vision and opportunities to live far better, freer, and healthier, beyond the doctrines and dogmas of ‘modern medicine.’

The 528 "Key" to Miraculous Healing

Ephesians 16-19 

That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, . . . that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.


528 IS THE ‘KEY’ to miraculous healing cited in the Bible, “grounded in love,” and proven by science. Here’s proof beyond reasonable doubt:
1. Old and New Testament prophecy heralds this “‘key’ of the house of David” in Isaiah 22:22 and Rev. 3: 6-8.
2. This “key” is the “MI-racle” note in the ancient original Solfeggio musical scale. This “528” is revealed by decrypting the verse numbers in the Book of Number, 7:12-83, wherein every six (6) verses repeat. Those 528 verses herald the “gold” offering to God and the Temple–the most valuable gift or blessing you can give to God and yourself. Your body is a “Holy Temple.”
3. King David, who wrote the most loving book in the Bible, Psalms, played a healing harp that MIRACULOUSLY soothed souls and prompted relaxation and relief from stress. It is unreasonable to think King David would tune his harp to anything other than the “key” to his house.
4. Stunningly, the word “key” in Hebrew equals 528 in gematria! That is the ancient system of converting words to numbers. To find the gematria of the Hebrew word “key” that is written“מַפְתֵּחַ” add the following:


– מ (Mem) = 40
– פ (Pe) = 80
– ת (Tav) = 400
– ח (Chet) = 8

Adding these together: 40 + 80 + 400 + 8 = 528.

5. Moreover, when using gematria, as shown in the screenshot below, the English number for “The Key” is 444. That “444” is the precise frequency of musical tuning for A=444Hz standard concert pitch used most often in Baroque music. That is the most relaxing and spiritually uplifting classical music. When tuned to A=444Hz the “C” note, that is the base of the scale, becomes C=528Hz. And it just so happens that Jesus’ gematria number is 444. The meaning of which is detailed here. 444 is widely known to be a sign of Divine presence and spiritual protection. It is reputed to be indicative of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit–the Trinity.

6. Curiously, the word “computer” in Hebrew gematria is 528, but in English it is 666, as shown in the screenshot below. Most Christians believe “666” is the “mark of the beast.” But that is false. Rev. 13:18 presents the “riddle” to be solved immediately before the 1000 years of word peace era begins in the very next verse: Rev. 14-1. Then a “new song” is sung to secure the miracle of global peace and prosperity. Dr. Horowitz solved the riddle that reflects the gematria system of converting names to number to identify the “beast.” 

7. More curiously, the 528/444 “Key” incorporates the 666 and 111 “Simple” gematria conversion of the word “computer.” 528 is a 6. 4 x 6 = 24, that is also a 6 (2+4=6). Three times that is 666. And if you multiply 528 times 444 you get 234432, reflecting symmetry, sacred geometry, and the number 9, that is the upside down 6 or backwards reflection of 9 in water. 

8. And if that is not enough to convince you of the miraculous spiritual, metaphysical, energetic power of 528, with precisely 5280 feet in a mile, and the sound that bees make when buzzing in their six-sided hexagonal-shaped hives, then consider the “111” as the simple gematria conversion of the word “computer” and the 6 note Solfeggio scale frequencies: 396, 417, 528, 639, 741 and 852. The number “111” is precisely 111Hz interval of vibrational differences between three (3) of the six Solfeggio frequencies. 528-417 = 111; 639-528=111; 852-741=111. Each of the three 111 numbers resolve to 3s (1+1+1=3). Whereas each of the other Solfeggio intervals likewise resolve to 3s additionally reflecting the Trinity. 

9. Last, and most importantly, consider your body, the Holy Spirit-filled Temple vibrating with God’s and Jesus’ LOVE power. This works like a battery recharging and providing. Based on science, common sense, and ancient Oriental medicine that considers your acupuncture meridians and seven energy vortices, called “chakras,” that are essential for your health, well-being, and natural miraculous healings, consider “LOVE/528” as your essential “Life Force.” It pours down through your head (crown chakra) flows down spun around by and through each of the chakras to fuel the energy merdians along your spine, and invigorates all your surrounding cells, tissues and body organs throughout your entire body. That’s why the best natural healers and physicians encourage walking barefoot on the morning dew dampening grass resonating at 528 green healing frequency!


People used OxySilver instead of colloidal silvers, then reported extraordinary healings. 528Hz frequency is the reason. This “good vibration” is fundamental to natural medicine and faster recoveries. To learn all about OxySilver with 528Hz/nm,



People used OxySilver instead of colloidal silvers, then reported extraordinary healings. 528Hz frequency is the reason. This “good vibration” is fundamental to natural medicine and faster recoveries. To learn all about OxySilver with 528Hz/nm,



Dr. Horowitz explains his “Holy Water” invention–the first all natural nutraceutical vibrating in “LOVE/528” that facilitates your intention to heal and stay healthy,



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