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Needless suffering, pain and illness be gone! Hello! I’m Dr. Leonard Horowitz, thanking you for awakening to God’s world of miraculous healing, super-conducted using energized-silver, pure water, and faithful prayer broadcast by and through the frequency of LOVE–528–the “Universal Healer.” The 528 frequency of sound (Hz) and light (nm) resonates at the heart of nature, sunshine, rainbows, God’s heart, your heart and mine.  “OxySilver with 528” resonates that power, glory and blessing, as do all the “528 Electroceuticals” you can learn about here, as well as purchase. Science proves all the claims made on this website are true. This truth and proof includes the extraordinary value of “528 structured water” that resonates in all the wonderful products in my “528 electroceutical health guards. This “bio-energetic” or “bio-spiritual” technology and know-how provides an unparalleled unprecedented opportunity to awaken your intelligence and higher healing consciousness to the glory, power, and blessings of Divine expression in your life and health. Integrating this knowledge and spiritual/energetic blessing enables sustained and renewed life, health, and well-being, all vibrating in what I call “LOVE/528.”

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You may have your doubts. That’s okay. Just keep reading. If you have come to this website because you heard great things about my works, 528 frequency resonance, or “OxySilver with 528” that’s great. You are not alone. A worldwide revolution/evolution in therapeutics and consciousness is happening because of this intelligence. Also, if you have come here because you are ill, or worried that you may get sick, you’re in the right place. If you are looking for an alternative to risky vaccinations, deadly antibiotics,, poisonous drugs, or poor health, again you’ve come to the right place. You probably want to stay healthy and stress-free in this Age of Emerging Viruses and global chaos. 528 frequency technologies, and integrating this intelligence, promise such securities.

About "OxySilver with 528" Frequency

OxySilver with 528

Making Vaccinations, Antibiotics, and Colloidal Silvers Obsolete

Dr. Horowitz pioneered “OxySilver with 528 Electroceutical(s)” based on scientific research and clinical studies that prove you heal and stay healthy energetically, vibrationally, most powerfully, effectively, and enduringly, using the key ‘resonance’ (or ‘good vibration’) at the heart of nature. That is “528 frequency” of sound and green light.

Dr. Horowitz developed this unparalleled therapeutic biotechnology making all risky vaccinations, deadly antibiotics, and old fashioned colloidal silvers obsolete, knowing that: 

(A) your DNA directs sound and light 528 healing energy to your cells and tissues through a special kind of water (called “structured” or “clustered” water). This kind of water is a superconductor of sound and light energy. It is also a superconductor of nutrients and micro-nutrients into cells.

(B) silver is also a ‘superconductor’ of energy, and electrons are ‘anti-oxidants’ that boost healthy immunity; 

(C) in OxySilver with 528, nano-silver bonds to oxygen in structured water to deliver healing vibrations and anti-microbial silver safely and effectively, then the silver leaves the body quickly in urine mainly; 

(D) 528 frequency of sound and green light healing energy is memorized within vibrating OxySilver solutions and delivers that healing energy throughout your body instantly; and 

(E) 528 frequency is the best natural frequency of resonance energy in the universe! 528 resonates at the heart of nature, including the most powerful energy output by your heart during loving faithful prayer. This is therapeutically monumental.

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Consider buying each of the following great 528 Electroceuticals.

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The Science of 528

Following Dr. Horowitz’s pioneering revelations, scientists worldwide began testing the power of 528. Here are some early peer-reviewed scientific publications confirming the therapeutic and immune-boosting power of 528 frequency.

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Electroceuticals in Modern Medicine

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Ok, I used 8 bottles of Sovereign Silver, 2 bottles of Utopia Silver, 2 bottles of homemade 50ppm silver from Arkansas, 2 bottles of prescribed Argentyn 23 Colloidal silver, about 8 bottles of Silver Shield, and numerous bottles of American Biotech Labs silver and MMS. I had an internal infection that I said I don’t know what’s going on, but silver should get rid of it, and I can go on with life. 1st teaspoon of Oxysilver and I had immediate results after 15 minutes. I said no way! Well, I am 100% straight. And as an added benefit, my sinus problems disappeared. Thanks, Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson
Sinus Suffering Gone – Supra Media

I wanted to let you know how well the OxySilver has worked for me. I have had trouble with recurring bladder and kidney infections and interstitial cystitis. My pains hurt so bad that it was hard to sit down at times. Within two days of taking OxySilver at the recommended dosage as per the bottle, I was able to go to the bathroom without burning anymore. This is much better than other treatments which did nothing for me.
Donna C.

Donna C.
Kidney, Bladder, and Cystitis – Acomp

Our Springer Spaniel had her spleen taken out 2 years ago. Since she can’t fight infection, it’s been a battle of her chewing her paws, then getting infections from the chewing. I knew OxiSilver would do the trick… After a month of convincing my wife, I started giving our dog a little OxySilver in carrot juice every afternoon. Her paws and chin cleared up, her mood and energy improved, and her sleep habits have all gone back to normal. You have an amazing product.
Thank You,

Andrew W.
Spaniel Back to Health

I believe now that OXYSILVER is a transforming product. I developed an infection in my right eye. I thought I cut my eye and my husband said it was full of puss. I cleaned it out but didn’t treat it with anything at that time. Then in the middle of the night I woke up and my eye was swollen closed and I couldn’t open it because it had dried puss holding it together. I then used a warm wet cloth to get my eye open and what I saw was a very red and bloodshot eyeball.”

I got an eye dropper that I had in my kitchen and filled it with OXYSILVER and dropped two drops in my eye. When I woke up the next morning and looked at my eye. The puss and redness and swelling were gone and I was amazed! Thank you for developing this amazing product.

Dorothy M
Eye Infection Victor

I have been a diabetic for most of my life. As I have gotten older I have gradually been taking more and more insulin. After just one week on OxySilver for the first time I can remember I am actually taking less insulin. I have also noticed that my blood sugar levels have stabilized considerably. I would highly recommend the use of OxySilver to anyone suffering from any level of diabetes.

Morgan S.
Helped with Diabetes

I have suffered from chronic sinus headaches for most of my adult life; I’m 50 years old now. Miraculously, since I’ve begun taking OxySilver, I’ve had many days and nights now of no pain at all. I can honestly tell you, nothing I have ever done has had nearly the positive effect on my sinus condition, and I seem to be continuously improving. Thank you.

Matthew R.
Sinus Headaches Gone

I had the fortunate experience of a personal visit of a member of your executive staff to my home. After much convincing by him, I agreed to try some OxySilver as a potential remedy for my chronic bronchitis. I’m very pleased to report that not only is my bronchitis completely gone, but I am feeling better than I can ever recall feeling after 20 years of continuous bronchitis. What can I say but “Thank You”.

Frank A
Bronchitis Symptom Relief

As a result of several hepatitis vaccinations I started getting over all aches and pains, then started experiencing joint pains especially in my left knee. The pain became so severe I couldn’t walk a quarter of a mile on level ground. After taking OxySilver for approximately one month, my knee pain has almost completely disappeared. This product has truly been an answer to my prayers.

Mary M.
Pain from Vaccination

As a follow-up to my testimony concerning OxySilver, and the toxic reaction to some immunizations I received as an adult-during the time I was struggling with the body, muscle, and knee aches and pains, I had a terrible anal itch. It was so bad that I was going through 1 whole tube of Preparation H every 2-3 days. Within a couple of weeks of starting the OxySilver, that anal itch went away, and has not returned since. Boy, what a relief!

George J.
Itch Relief

In late 1999, I was in and out of the VA Hospital suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. I had aches and pains and zero energy. I was introduced to OxySilver by some close friends. After taking the mineral solution for several months, I now have no symptoms and I’m as healthy as ever.

Albert S.
Gulf War Syndrome

I had to take my 18 month & 28 month old daughters to the emergency Medi-Center one Sunday morning last winter with 103 degree temperatures. I avoid taking them because my husband and I want to minimize the number of drugs our children receive. My husband came home from church with OxySilver for the girls. I hadn’t filled the prescriptions yet – I wanted to believe in this new mineral solution – so decided to give it (the mineral solution) 24 hrs. Before filling the prescriptions, I gave the girls 1 oz. three times during that afternoon and evening. The next morning their fevers had broken – and within 2-3 more days they were fine. My husband and I are grateful that we didn’t have to fill those prescriptions.

Betty C.
Fevers gone

In fall 1998, I went to the doctor with symptoms such as joint pains and chronic fatigue. They performed a blood test and the results came back positive with Lupus. I was given a diet to follow, asking to remove all night shade vegetables from my diet to see if this could help relieve my joint pains. I was also given prescriptions for pain management. I tried the diet, but still had difficulty with the severe pain and fatigue.

A friend asked me to try OxySilver and see if it would help relieve the symptoms. I started drinking a quart a day for two weeks, and I started to feel better. I could finally sleep throughout the night, and my mornings were much easier now that I was able to get out of bed. After eight months of using OxySilver, I went back to the doctor for a blood test, and this time there was no sign of Lupus in the blood work. The doctor states that it is in remission, OxySilver did what no prescribed medication or diet could accomplish, and that was relieve my pain and fatigue.

Alan W.
Lupus remission

This is an amazing product. I was suffering from typhus in my left leg. I wrapped gauze around my leg and poured Oxysilver onto the wrapping. Within 2 to 3 hours, the pain was gone, and that same day the infection was also gone. Thank you for this miracle mineral solution.

Samuel T.
Typhus relief

Thanks again for the opportunity to try OxySilver. Hepatitis C had my life in such a state of affairs. I could not function in my job or my social life. My liver enzymes were at their worst and my viral load was dangerously high. Now my liver is normal and the viral load is coming down.

Oliver R.
Hepatitis C relief