528 Electroceuticals

iRife Frequency Self-Help

Dr. Horowitz developed a low-cost, highly effective, self-help frequency therapy device to facilitate your natural healing featuring the LOVE/528 frequency and OxySilver with 528. This self-help therapy package competes against expensive “Rife Machines.” Rife machines generate electrical frequencies and scaler energies that shatter crystalline microbes including viruses and protein-rich (positively charged) bacteria. Rife machines (that typically cost thousands of dollars) also add immune boosting anti-oxidative electrons to your system. Dr. Horowitz’s self-help iRife machine recommended here does similarly, but uses different technology, and a more subtle frequency generating system leveraging sound, video, prayer, electromagnetics, and your iPad or small laptop. 
You must have an iPad or small laptop available to you to use Dr. Horowitz’s invention that generates 528Hz frequency of sound, and 528nm of green light, by playing the video shown below. Mind you, this video prepared by Dr. Horowitz, also features prayers, auto-suggestions, and positive affirmations to complement your therapy.

Dr. Horowitz's 528 iRife Therapy Device

Dr. Horowitz’s simple system uses iPads or small laptops to deliver the sound and light of “LOVE/528” from the video player above. (Other frequencies and videos can also be used if desired.) You can use this anytime for free, with or without the iRife Therapy Device that you can build yourself if you gather the components; or alternatively, for your convenience, you can purchase the complete iRife Therapy Kit that includes all the necessary parts from HealthyWorldShop.com for only $89.00
The iRife home therapy system developed by Dr. Horowitz uses the following components: a) OxySilver w/ 528; b) 4 Blue 2 ounce glass bottles with squeeze droppers; c) copper wire connecting the bottled OxySilver assembly; d) 2 strong 14,000 Gauss magnets glued to the bottoms of the 2 bottles that supplement bottle resonance energy; e) vitamins C D and Zinc dissolved in the bottled OxySilver solution to produce a “galvanic cell” (i.e., zinc in OxySilver solution in the anode [right bottle] and the two vitamins in OxySilver solution in the cathode [left bottle]). These different metals in solution are used to generate energy in the cell, the copper wire assembly, and also your body. The system generates subtle energy, and also produces a homeopathic of silver with the vitamins and zinc that can be used as a supplement to boost your immunity. That is, you can use this resulting homemade homeopathic solution daily for added benefits.; f) 2 velcro strips to attach your bottle assembly to the sides of your iPad or laptop. This is how you will be able to comfortably hold your entire assembly during your self-help therapy sessions; and g) a 9 volt battery connector with alligator clips for optional supplementing of electromagnetic current (battery not included). This option turns your iRife device into an “Electrolytic Cell” that theoretically recharges the galvanic cell by reversing the flow of electrons through the copper wire when you reverse the current.)
In other words, Dr. Horowitz’s 528 iRife Therapy Package provides everything you need to: 1) convert your iPad or small laptop into a 528 (or other) frequency generator; and 2) deliver 528 miraculous healing energy throughout your body, supplementing your professional care.

How Dr. Horowitz's iRife Device Works

Piezoelectricity–the movement of electrons, electromagnetic fields, scalar energies, resonance energy, due to sound and light broadcasting from your iPad or laptop vibrates the polarized elements of silver, copper, and zinc dissolved in the “pseudo-electrode” (bottled) solutions. This generates very weak currents that moves through the superconductive solutions containing micro-fine silver, copper, and zinc in water, and also produces electromagnetic and bioacoustic fields that move through the glass bottles, and through the palms of your hands, into your body. Similar to homeopathic solutions, this assembly generates scalar energy that radiates from the glass bottles connected by the copper wire into your hands (like hand-held electrodes). Your entire body vibrates from the sound and light broadcasting through your devices and this assembly. The video player above broadcasts 528nm green light and 528Hz frequency of sound. Those waves impact your brain and entire nervous system most powerfully, delivering and reinforcing the message of “LOVE 528” for your “MIraculous” healing.

Do It Yourself iRife Assembly Instructions

If you don’t want to spend $89.00 (plus S&H) to purchase the kit from HealthyWorldShop.com, you can build the device yourself by acquiring the materials and following the instructions below:
1) Acquire four 2 ounce glass bottles with droppers. Check your droppers for their proper fit sealing the 2 ounce glass bottles; then select 2 of the 4 to be made into the 2 handheld pseudo-electrodes. 
2) Permanently glue 14,000 Gauss disc magnets to the bottoms of the glass bottles precisely as instructed here. (They should not destabilize the sitting bottle.) First glue the NORTH POLE of one magnet against the bottom (center) of one bottle. Then glue the SOUTH POLE of the second magnet to the base of the second bottle. Mark each bottle “NORTH” and “SOUTH” after you do this, because the your NORTH POLE bottle will be positioned on the right side of your iPad, and the SOUTH POLE bottle will be positioned on the left side of your iPad (using velcro strips). 
3) Cut and apply two 1/4 x 2 inch velcro strip to the length of each of the two bottles, and affix the other velcro strip to the edge of your iPad being careful not to cover the speakers outputting along these edges. Do not attach the bottles to the sides of your iPad yet.
4) Pierce the top center of the rubber dropper plunger with a large sewing needle or thin nail. 
5) Cut a 26 inch long piece of 14 guage copper wire and insert the ends through the rubber dropper so that it fits tight against the rubber and extends down to the very end of the glass dropper tube. 
6) Using high quality black silicone caulk, seal both copper wire rubber stopper assemblies, and let it dry completely before using (usually 24 hours). Do not screw the bottles into the stopper assemblies yet.
7) Fill the two 2 ounce bottles with OxySilver w/528, leaving enough room for pouring in your two vitamins and zinc (standard nutritional supplements). Pour the Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin D (soluble in acid liquid) and Zinc (also soluble in acid liquid) into the two bottles.  
8) Tightly screw the two bottles containing your liquid formulas into the rubber dropper caps, being careful not to break the silicone rubber seals that you made in step 5. The copper wire now connects your two therapeutic electro-magnetized bottles. 
9) Attach the two bottle copper wire assembly gently and carefully against the sides of your iPad using the velcro strips you applied in step 3. 
10) OPTIONAL: Attach a 9 volt battery to the battery cables, and the two alligator clips as follows: The negative pole electrode should be clipped to the left side of the copper wire arch just above the dropper plunger (anode), and the positive pole electrode should be clipped to the right side of the copper wire arch just above the dropper plunger (cathode). This generates an additional electromagnetic field around your broadcasting iPad. By reversing the anode and cathode positions and polarity, you theoretically recharge the solutions.
Now you are ready to use the device, with the palms of your hands grasping around the bottles. Be sure to use the good quality “electro gel” supplied in the Kit to moisten the palms of your hands. This will optimize your contact with these “pseudo-electrodes.” Start the 20 minute video player above, and hold your iPad or small laptop on your lap, grasping each of the bottles like handles (or hand-held electrodes). Relax and enjoy!

Use Recommendations

1) Start the 20 minute video player above, and hold your iPad on your lap, grasping each of the bottles like handles (or hand-held electrodes). Relax and enjoy! 
2) Read to yourself, or affirm verbally, the prayers and auto-suggestions provided in the video. 
3) Do the above at least four-to-five times per week. (It will not hurt you to do more.) 
4) Use whenever or wherever you feel you need it, or can benefit from it.
5) If desired, supplement your therapy sessions with your iPhone, any sound generator, and a portable speaker to broadcast the 528 (or other desired) frequency into your body. You can easily generate frequencies for free using one of the Frequency Generating applications available through the Apple Store. Place the portable speaker, once connected by WiFi or Bluetooth to your iPhone Frequency Generator application, on or near your area needing healing. For example, comfortably at the base of your spine or elsewhere using cushions as needed or desired.


People used OxySilver instead of colloidal silvers, then reported extraordinary healings. 528Hz frequency is the reason. This “good vibration” is fundamental to natural medicine and faster recoveries. To learn all about OxySilver with 528Hz/nm,



People used OxySilver instead of colloidal silvers, then reported extraordinary healings. 528Hz frequency is the reason. This “good vibration” is fundamental to natural medicine and faster recoveries. To learn all about OxySilver with 528Hz/nm,



Dr. Horowitz explains his “Holy Water” invention–the first all natural nutraceutical vibrating in “LOVE/528” that facilitates your intention to heal and stay healthy,



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