In fall 1998, I went to the doctor with symptoms such as joint pains and chronic fatigue. They performed a blood test and the results came back positive with Lupus. I was given a diet to follow, asking to remove all night shade vegetables from my diet to see if this could help relieve my joint pains. I was also given prescriptions for pain management. I tried the diet, but still had difficulty with the severe pain and fatigue.

A friend asked me to try OxySilver and see if it would help relieve the symptoms. I started drinking a quart a day for two weeks, and I started to feel better. I could finally sleep throughout the night, and my mornings were much easier now that I was able to get out of bed. After eight months of using OxySilver, I went back to the doctor for a blood test, and this time there was no sign of Lupus in the blood work. The doctor states that it is in remission, OxySilver did what no prescribed medication or diet could accomplish, and that was relieve my pain and fatigue.

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