We can’t, by law, claim that OxySilver–a double superconductor of negatively charged electrons attached to oxygen/silver/water molecules vibrating at the 528 frequency of sound and light kills pathogenic germs quickly, or prevents and treats colds and flus powerfully. But we can legally tell you that we will give you your money back if, after the first sign of a cold or flu coming on, you begin taking this product as directed, and it fails to restore your health. We can also promise to refund your money if your don’t recover surprisingly fast after getting a cold or flu, when used as directed. And our directions always include increasing OxySilver’s effectiveness with “prayer power” that also boosts your immunity.

Our full MONEY BACK REFUND POLICY reflects how firmly we believe in this technology, the “miraculous” 528 musical medicine called OxySilver, that makes all colloidal silvers, all deadly antibiotics, and all risky vaccines, obsolete. In fact, we know, what you are about to learn. There is nothing like OxySilver, as you can learn from reading Dr. Horowitz’s revolutionary publication, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, proving that OxySilver functions like a “Holy Water.” “Holy Water(s)” have been studied in many parts of the world by many researchers, including Dr. Lee Lorenzen from United States, and Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan. Together, these early investigators determined that “Holy Water” is “conscious” and “structured.” That is, in some yet-to-be-explained way, water responds to your prayers, and heart-felt loving intention–including the intention to heal quickly and stay healthy. Dr. Lorenzen explained that Holy Water from springs, such as in Lourdes, France, bubbles to the surface after spinning and spiraling through electromagnetized earth elements that broadcast their special frequencies of sound, captured by the water molecules. This electromagnetic energy is memorized by the water, that technically is a liquid crystal superconductor of sound. The power of water to transmit sound better than air is well known. This strong conductivity of water is best demonstrated by dolphins and whales.


Dr. Horowitz used this know-how to develop OxySilver. He began by invitation of medical entrepreneurs who asked him to brand a special new “silver hydrosol” acquired from a NASA scientist. NASA commissioned the inventor to produce the first “covalently bonded” silver hydrosol to keep astronauts healthy in space. Unlike crudely manufactured colloidal silvers, the new silver hydrosol would not build up in body tissues, or tattoo the skin. So knowing what Dr. Lorenzen and Dr. Emoto taught him, Dr. Horowitz directed the entrepreneurs and manufacturers to “structure” the formula by spinning it through a strong electromagnetic field; while at the same time instilling the 528Hz frequency pure sound, and 528nm of laser light, to “charge” the liquid crystal double superconductor (i.e., silver and water). Now, that’s not all. Dr. Horowitz studied the works of Nicola Tesla–the Twentieth Century’s leading genius, and learned the “miraculous secret” about 528 from Dr. Joseph Puleo. Tesla taught his students about “prayer power.” He confessed that his inventions often failed to work when he forgot to pray before testing them! Dr. Puleo discovered the 528Hz frequency of sound was the “miracle” note played for the most spiritually-uplifting Hymn to St. John the (Water) Baptist. Horowitz then had a break-through. Having Emoto’s knowledge that water is “conscious” and responsive to prayer, that energy transmits most powerfully through water, and that Tesla’s “free energy” experiments were all done in “hydrated atmospheres,” Horowitz created OxySilver that, in effect, works best when used with prayer. That is why using OxySilver “as directed,” unlike any other healthcare product in the world, requires you to use prayer. It’s not that OxySilver won’t work if you don’t use prayer. It will work probably far better than any colloidal silver that many people trust far more than Big Pharma’s deadly antibiotics and risky vaccines. And for the naysayers, Dr. Horowitz has already shamed and discredited early critics who claimed that “water cannot hold a charge.” Watch HERE a dozen people getting powerfully zapped, twice, by the same single liter of water during Dr. Horowitz’s live demonstration before the American College of Alternative Medicine. Love528 CymaGraph-1Furthermore, scientists sponsored by the National Science Foundation recently proved the force of gravity has a sound, and the actual “sound of gravity” mediated through our hydrated atmosphere is documented HERE. This further proves what Dr. Horowitz has said for years, and in his second national best-seller, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science. That is, sound controls, even manifests matter, as evidenced by the science of cymatics that demonstrates the impact of certain frequencies of sound on matter. Above, for example, is the cymaglyph of water vibrating at the frequency of 528. This unprecedented 36-pointed star, evidences the fact that the 360-degree circle from which all measurements in “space/time” derive, and all sacred geometry as well, depends on the sound of “LOVE/528,” also helping to explain why OxySilver resonating in 528Hz/nm is so powerful.


OxySilver triggers miraculous healings the same way the “Holy Spirit” naturally does to restore, sustain, and extend your life. HOLYWATER_OXYSILVER_medOxySilver operates bio-electrically to provide vaccine-free natural nutritional immunity, and freedom from immunization toxicity. OxySilver extends the potential to live disease free globally. OxySilver is the world’s first “miraculous mineral water” that is recommended for augmenting the power of prayer. Dr. Horowitz celebrates this prescription based on LOVE–the “Universal Healer”–vibrating Water–the “Universal Solvent” with the resonance of chlorophyll–528Hz/528nm, that is the sound of music–the “Universal Language.” Prayer works best with LOVE528, Dr. Horowitz argues, because it brings about healing from your heart, optimized by atonement (a-tone-meant; at-one-meant) that reflects Divine-human communion, otherwise known as “phase locking” in the world of physics and energy medicine. There is spiritual unity and Divine harmony in devout prayer; and in the musical mathematical matrix of creation that the religious world calls the “Kingdom of Heaven.” OxySilver with 528 vibrates in sync with the heart of that matrix, the heart of sunshine and rainbows, the heart of nature, and the Creator, explains the doctor.


The sun, made entirely of hydrogen, emits light (photons) and sound (phonons) via electrons that resonate fundamentally 528Hz frequency according to NASA recordings. Compare the sound of the sun published by investigator David Sereda, with the pure tone of 528Hz produced by 528 tuning forks. They are very much alike, with 528Hz at the heart of the sun’s sound.

Chlorophyll also broadcasts structurally and energetically mostly 528Hz frequency of sound and 528nm of light. This greenish-yellow color is reflected into your eyes–the “windows of your soul.” This is all synchronized with the sun’s central frequency of electromagnetic energy. This is how and why chlorophyll produces oxygen from carbon dioxide resonating in 528. You breath O2 resonating, and phase-locking, you to the Source of LOVE528 from the “Father” and the sun. The Creator sang, “Let there be light,” to create the sun and universe.

This revelation is best summarized by the word ALOHA. The “A” and the “O” represents the alpha and omega, the beginning and ending symbol of the circle in the Greek alphabet also representing eternity. The “L” represents LOVE in the Hebrew Gematria from which the Greek language arose. The “L” is located at the heart of the Hebrew alphabet; 11-of-22 letters. Of course the “HA” represents the “breath of life,” or the “prana” that carries life sustaining spiritual energy.

Words are sounds, sounds are math, and the musical-mathematical basis of our universe is this language that constructs a mathematical matrix in which 528 is fundamental, just like LOVE is at the heart of the alpha and omega. Pure tone 528Hz is LOVE and atonement is fundamental to making God’s music, which is the “Universal Language.”

These are just a few revelations that Dr. Horowitz shared in The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE; why the botanical world celebrates greenish-yellow chlorophyll, and why you sing, pray, and heal best in 528. Grass’s pigment is primarily vibrating at 528–the color of your “heart chakra”–and heart of the rainbow, reflecting electrons of light through the crystal prism of Heaven’s Water that you experience as rain.


Dr. Horowitz’s earliest successes in this field occurred with the development of 528-resonating OxySilver. In 2009, OxySilver healthguard with 528 became the top-selling silver hydrosol. It demonstrates its power to “green medicine,” and has been gaining praise by providing a new, powerful, and far-safer way of terminating infectious diseases than what the “military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-banking cartel” provides.

“We took NASA technology, developed to keep astronauts healthy in space,” Dr. Horowitz explains. “We added 528 sound and light to it creating an unprecedented OxySilver molecule. The silver water solution is a double superconductor of LOVE–the ‘Universal Healer.’ Its impact has been fantastic, far exceeding my greatest expectations.”

OxySilver is not a drug (no matter what the FDA decrees). It is actually a “Holy Water” or new type of “mineral water” in which the only mineral, silver, is a super-conductor of electrons, as is the water itself. This mono-atomic silver is bonded to the oxygen in pure water during the manufacturing process, producing a double-superconductor of healing energy.


OxySilver, like a good Holy Water, doubly transmits the bio-electrical power to heal naturally and instantly throughout your body, administered by the 528Hz frequency of LOVE, which complements “prayer power.”

Horowiz on Global WarmingThis is why Dr. Horowitz recommends taking OxySilver with prayer and heart-felt loving intention. They complement each other to synchronize, or “phase-lock,” the miraculous healing power of LOVE and prayer from your heart, and the good vibrations and positive intentions and attitudes prompting healing in body, mind and spirit.

Pure tone 528Hz sound, and 528nm of greenish-yellow light, resonate powerfully in OxySilver due to the unprecedented manufacturing process using technology developed by NASA. The combination of 528 sound, light, and double-super-conductive-water, super-conducts the power of LOVE–the “Universal Healer”–to every cell in your body, instantly. Many people report actually “seeing” light within them, with their eyes closed, radiating throughout their bodies the instant they take OxySilver with prayer.

OxySilver acts like a “Holy Water” for the above reasons. It offers faithful and intelligent people, who recognize the mischief in “modern medicine,” the greatest protection since manna.

Thousands of doctors are now using OxySilver most successfully.

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